The Fung Brothers perform at 626 Night Market in September 2014. | Photo by Steven Lam

The Stage Is Yours

From showcasing local talent to established performers, 626 Night Market welcomes anyone to apply for a spot on our Entertainment Stage!

Completing the form below does not guarantee a performance opportunity at the events. We will review your application and follow up with you as soon as we can. 

For any questions, please email

DJs looking to perform in our DJ Booth with a dance floor located by the food vendors can apply here.

eg. Singing, Band, Dance, Magic, etc.
Preferably 30 minutes minimum.
Your video submission should reflect what you would perform at the 626 Night Market.
What you are requesting from us. We are providing: PA system, monitors, microphones, mic stands, and cables.
Please provide us with a list of equipment you will be bringing.
Dates & Locations
Please pick the dates and locations of events you would like to perform at.
626 Night Market
Santa Anita Park in Arcadia
OC Night Market
OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa
Contact Person *
Contact Person
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Write a message in 3rd person who you are, your accolades, or anything to advertise yourself. Example: [Artist Name] is a signed artist to Boba records. The music that [Artist Name] plays is something different that cannot be directly compared to any mainstream American artists today. It is a mixture of Indie Rock, Reggae, and Motown, all played either on a djembe, which is the main instrument, or a kazoo, both with a band backing it up. It is mainstreamed based music that mixes the best of all worlds of Rock, Reggae and Motown. There is no specific genre to this type of music; therefore he/she labeled the genre, "Boba Music". [Artist Name] has played at the House of Blues, Tuesday Night Cafe, and Kollaboration. Boba Weekly names [Artist Name] as one of the top LA underground bands for 2018.
Photo URL. HQ resolution, no text, and make sure the picture is clearly visible.
Website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.
1. NO profanity or foul language, such as racist and sexist remarks, is allowed.
2. Artists are responsible for providing their own music, instruments, props, etc.
3. Artists are expected to adhere to all contracts and forms signed with 626 Night Market.
4. Artists must be available for the entire operating hours of the 626 Night Market date they are scheduled to perform.
5. 626 Night Market staff reserves the right to refuse performances to artists for disorderly conduct that 626 Night Market feels is unacceptable or against the celebration of the Asian American community.
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Without further consideration, I hereby consent to the use of all photographs, videotapes, film, and recordings taken of me and/or written extractions, in whole or in part, of such recordings or musical performance for 626 Night Market and those acting pursuant to its authority, for the purposes of illustration, advertising, or publication in any manner. *
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