The $5 Dollar Menu for August 9-11

Back by popular demand, here is our $5 Dollar Menu for this weekend! Available at participating vendors only. While supplies last. See you soon and come fat, leave fatter!

BRULEE: Classic Creme Brulee

BUNSO: Sisig Tots, Adobo Tots, Lumpia, Cantaloupe Juice, Watermelon Juice

Cafe 949: Vietnamese Coffee, Matcha Milk Tea, Popping Fish Balls, Garlic Noodles

Calamaki: Charcoal Roasted Sweet Potato with arugula pistachio pesto, balsamic vinegar and pickled red onion or Signature Potato Salad with roasted garlic, parsley aioli and lemon zest (small size)

Cheezy Meaty: Roti Cheese Puff

Chimeow: Shrimp Spring Rolls

Cinnaholic: Gigantic Cookie

Gangnam Food: Noodle in Seaweed

Grill City: Pork or Chicken BBQ on a stick

Hamimo Small Things: Buttons, Stickers and Postcards - mix and match any 3 for $5

Ice Cream Garden: Tomato Basil Bisque

Ice Land: Fish waffle, Drink, or Shaved Ice

LaoMazing Eats: Mini Papaya Salad, Roti, Noodles

Longffle on a Stick: Rainbow Cheese Dog

Nikuman-ya: Hoji-cha Soy Latte, Matcha Soy Latte

Norigami: Crispy sushi appetizer (3 pc)

Paraiso Juice Bar: Esquites (corn off the cob) Classic & Hot Cheetos

QQ Ball: Puffy Cake with Ice Cream (2 pcs special)

Rockin Gyoza: Tempura Ice Cream

San Diego Scratch BBQ: Smoked Chicken Leg Quarter

Sweet Lab Bakery: Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

SweetHoney Dessert: Fish Balls, all dessert drinks

Tamago Sando: Original Okinawa Tamago Spam Sando (sandwich)

Tenori: Spam Musubi, KBBQ Musubi, Pork Belly Musubi, Unagi Musubi, Spicy Salmon Musubi, Tuna with Mayo Musubi, Mentai Musubi, Spicy Tuna Musubi

The Sweet Stop: Mini Funnel Cake, Nachos

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