Seven2Smoke Bboy Dance Competition Sign Ups Closed

8 contestants go in but only 1 will rise to the top. We are hosting our annual intermediate level Seven2Smoke Bboy dance competition on Saturday, July 13th, 2019. The winner will receive the $300 cash prize.

Here’s how a Seven2Smoke works:

  • 8 Bboys face each other in a 1 round 1 vs 1 battle.

  • Winner of each round stays and gets 1 point. The loser goes back in line.

  • Battle is over as soon as 1 Bboy smokes 7 Bboys in a row (without losing) or the one with the most wins after 20 minutes battle time.

  • If Bboys have the same amount of wins after 20 minutes the battle is decided by a Tie breaker.

Sign ups now closed. We will select 8 contestants to compete at 8:30 PM at our July 12-14th event. More info will be sent to the contestants. If you have any questions, please email