6 2 6  N I G H T  M A R K E T



 D I R E C T O R Y

  A01: Stussy Inc.
Men and women's apparel
A11: Mermaid's Treasure
Handcrafted accesessories, handmade pearl jewelry
  A21: Forest Lawn
A02: Extreme Autowerks
Car care products
  A12: ReadyArtwork
Professional website & graphic design, marketing
A22: Planned Parenthood
Education for parenting support
A03: Lotus Era
Hats, sunglasses, bags, anime
A13: Mini Mia
Cell phone covers, handbags, accessories
A23: BonBliss Beauty
Candy-themed hand & body scrubs
A04: Yubiyou
Fashion costume jewelry
A14: Etonomous Art
T-shirts, art prints
A24: Fantastic Fam
Graphic T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, gifts
A05: Benection
Household appliances, plush dolls
A15: Comfort Lux
Massage chairs
A25: Zqdeco
Shoes, scarves, jewelry, phone cases
  A06: Fefe Fruit
Cut coconut, mangosteen, jackfruit & more exotic fruits
A16: Pandawinks Diaper Cakery
Diaper cakes, sock & washcloth sushi platters
A26: RX Candles
100% soy wax candles & 100% vegan soaps
A07: Forever Hearts
Animal hats, scarves, sunglasses, hats
  A17: Gravity LA
Tees, tanks, socks
A27: Tamercia R3M
Phone accessories, chanrgers, power banks
A08: California Lottery
Raising money for public education
A18: Bad Pickle Tees
Foodie T-shirts
A28: Stylenext
Tees, backpacks, caps, hats
A09: Essyli
Jewelry and headbands
A19: Mae Mae Jewelry
Inspirational jewelry
A29: Anime Charms
Keychains, plushies, jewelry, T-shirts
A10: US Jaclean
Massage chairs, small massage merchandise
A20: Prime International
Cell phone cases and screen protectors
A30: Nite Owl Ink
T-shirts, matted original art, and stickers

  B01: Banzai Jerky
Beef jerky and bacon jerky
B12: Case o Print
Phone covers, chargers, case printing
B23: Dragon Whiskers
Stringy candy sprinkled with powdered sugar
  B02: Mikukumi
Handmade fashion jewelry and hair accessories
B13: Superinflated
Balloons and LED wands
B24: Generosity Gang
Sweatshirts, T-shirts & beanies for a good cause
B03: Kingyo Sukui
Goldfish catching game, inflatable toys
B14: Shanah Design
Men's and women's clothing
B25: Powder Puff Lounge
Handmade comic book page wallets, bags, jewelry
B04: Peachme Jewelry
Fashion jewelry and accessories
B15: Howling at the Moon
Face painting, henna tattoos, glitter tattoos
B26: Dr. Brian Lee
Hand decorated mason jars
B05: Milkyway
Phone cases
B16: Paperflavor
Flavorkid ninja character stationery, apparel, bags
B27: Sane2K Artists
Henna tattoos, glitter tattoos, face painting
B06: iMomoko Beauty & Skincare
Fashion and statement jewelry
B17: Two Weeks Tattoo
Temporary decorative glitter tattoos
B28: Open LA
Young adult and teen clothing
B07: T Square International
Fashion accessories
B18: Vape Star
Fashion and statement jewelry
B29: Little Rain
Cell phone accessories, fashion accessories
B08: GG Infinite
Toys and collectibles
B19: STG Fashion
Electronic cigarettes and accessories
B30: Taxi5
B09: L&H International Trading
Cell phone accessories, jewelry boxes
B20: Navidy's Accessories
Fashion jewelry, hair accessories
B31: Kookie
Clothing and accessories
B10: Ninja Levels
Fashion and statement jewelry
B21: Beyond Global Corporation
Toys, masquerade masks, plush dolls
B32: Beacon Media
Sponsor, SGV news publication group
B11: A3M
Non-profit, bone marrow donor registry
B22: Vapor Devils
Vape pens, e-cigarettes, e-liquid, accessories

  C01: Angelic Music
Mini cymbals, hand bells
  C06: Vision Smart Center
Blackcurrant drink, cassis berry juice
  C11: Boba Bear
Hookah garden
C02: JJ Decals
Wall stickers, handbags
C07: Mwokaji Cakery
Hello Kitty macarons, Pikachu & Minion cupcakes
C12: Boba Bear
Hookah garden
C03: SMF
Shoes and sport bags
C08: Taste Nirvana
Coconut water, Thai tea, Thai coffee
  C13: Chilly Ribbons
Shaved snow
  C04: Velvet Rope Bake Shop
Cake Truffles, cookies, trifles, cream puffs, pavlovas
  C09: Ginger Cakettes
Ginger-based Mini-Cakes of Different Flavors
C14: Uncommon Citizens
Men's and women's apparel
C05: Ice Cream Lab
Organic, all-natural ice cream made with liquid nitrogen
  C10: Boba Bear
Hookah garden

  D01: L.A. Original Yang Rou Chuan
Lamb skewers, chicken skewers, ice cream macarons
  D11: Umaya Ramen
Ramen, gyoza, rice bowls, fries
  D22: O' My Buns
Coffee buns, sugar buns, hot & iced coffee and tea
D02: Ten Ren's Tea Time
Boba milk tea, green tea, black tea, popcorn chicken
D12: Frostbites Frozen Delights
Italian ice, frozen custard, waffle cones
D23: Father's Kernel
Corn, lemonade
D03: Q Lounge
BBQ squid & pork skewers, coconut, funnel cake
D13: Tastea
Teas, popcorn chicken, fries
D24: Mama Noi's Roti Hut
Roti desserts, coconut water, frozen durian cups
D04: Bhanu Indian Cuisine
Chicken tikka, curry, tandoori, samosas; lassi & chai; chilis
D14: SR Thai BBQ
BBQ meat, sticky rice, spicy meat salad, boba drinks
D25: Puffect Bakery Cafe
Flavored and filled Hong Kong egg puff, macarons
D05: Potato Corner
Fries, tater tots, sweet potato fries
D15: Miniyaki
Takoyaki, okonomiyaki, Japanese style hot dogs
D26: Potted Ice Cream
Ice cream in a flowerpot
D06: Good Good Chicken
Fried chicken cutlet, mushrooms, fish cakes, string beans
D16: Serenity
Vietnamese iced coffee, Thai tea, fresh coconut
D27: Coconut Factory
Coconut juice, jelly, milk tea; fresh fruit milk shake
D07: CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice
Boba milk tea, milk tea with jelly & pudding
D17: SnowLA Shavery
Shaved snow
D28: Cotton Candy Designer
Designer cotton candy
D08: Cold Cane Labs
Fresh pressed sugar cane juice
D18: Sevan Garden Kabab House
Doner kabobs & lamb chops
D29: Isweet
Snow ice, red bean and cream buns
D09: Waffle Land
Waffles, pudding, dim sum, BBQ chicken wings
D19: Roxy Trading
Fish balls
D30: Tropical Islands / Papas and Dogs
Smoothies in pineapple, carne asada cheese fries
D10: IndoMie
Instant noodles with egg and vegetables 
D20: Zhen Gei Li (Very Good!)
Chestnuts, watermelon juice

  E01: Bubble Waffle
Hong Kong style egg waffles, drinks
E15: Solid Coffee Roasters
Hot & cold coffee, pastries
  E29: Milk and Honey
Teas, shaved ice, honey toast, noodles, popcorn chicken
E02: Nikman-ya Steam Pork Bun
Steamed pork bun: melty cheese, vegan; yakisoba noodles
E16: MiiSTER Potato
Twisted potato, boba slushy, fresh squeezed lemonade
E30: Takoyaki Tanota
Takoyaki octopus balls
E03: Beijing Tasty House
Lamb skewers & Beijing dishes
E17: Lotus Circles
Handmade Taiwanese sausages
E31: King Kong Cafe
Taiwanese hot dog, grilled corn
E04: A-Sha Dry Noodle
Dry noodle dishes with toppings
E18: AFC Soy Foods
Egg tofu
E32: Rakken
Pho tacos; Filet mignon, chicken meatball, salmon skewers
E05: Tea Bar Starry
Chicken cutlet, green tea, tofu pudding, shaved ice
E19: AFC Soy Foods
Egg tofu
E33: Rakken
Pho tacos; Filet mignon, chicken meatball, salmon skewers
E06: V&R Thai Chinese Food
BBQ chicken & beef, chow mein, fried rice, lobster ball
E20: Green Cube Gourmet
Stinky tofu
E34: Sushi Studio Arts
Ahi poke, salmon poke, ahi slider, sushi hand roll
E07: Aunty Merry
Indonesian satay, fried rice, noodles, corn, drinks
E21: Cherry Bubbles
Fruit & mixed berry lemonade, shaved ice, fresh fruit, fried mushrooms
E35: Main Squeeze
Potato tornado, lemonade, fried oreos, funnel cake
E08: Boba 7
Boba drinks
E22: iFoods Sausages
Grilled Taiwanese sausages, rice w/ sausage ball, curry rice ball
E36: Ice Cream Garden
Potted plant ice cream sundaes, Mexican candies
E09: Dolcissimo Bakeshop
French macarons, mini cupcakes
E23: Stoneage Restaurant
Toppan chicken bone & pork ribs, seared scallops
E37: What Floats Ur Boat
Musubi: Spicy salmon poke, carmelized bacon, bulgogi
E10: Belly Up
Mac n cheese pork belly balls, pork belly buns, sliders
E24: Mama Kim's Spicy Noodles
Kimchi noodle sandwich, cold spicy noodles
E38: The Crying Tiger
BBQ satay plate, grilled beef salad, Thai sausage
E11: Hotato Potato
Potato swirls in assorted flavors
E25: Mingcourt
Lamb skewers, pork rice bun
E39: GAJA Okonomi
Okonomiyaki w/ lettuce, beef, pork, egg
E12: Tropical Islands / Papas and Dogs
Smoothies in pineapple, carne asada cheese fries
E26: Bluecherry Yogurt Bar
Beijing yogurt: Honey, Original, Low-Fat, Sugar-free
E40: Crasians
Asian fusion, Kalbi/pulled pork/chicken taco buns, burgers
E13: Beijing Noodles
Beijing noodles with bean paste, fried tempura on skewers
E27: Bambu
Desserts, drinks, fried food, skewers
E41: Indonesia Satay
Satay, fried noodles, egg rolls, fried chicken, pandan drink
E14: Simpang Asia
Indonesian satay, snacks, Laksa, whole coconut, boba
E28: Hugo Foods
Stinky tofu, exploding chicken roll, pop cake, crispy chicken
E42: Hillstern Farms
Chicken wings, legs, livers, gizzards, hearts, breast, thighs

  F01: Mama Musubi
Musubi w/ savory filling, lychee green tea, peach lemonade
F17: LotZA Tots
Tots with truffle oil, grilled onions, sauce; strawberry lemonade
  F33: Revofusion
Burgers, truffle fries, fried crab cake, fried pig ear
F02: Swirl Treats
Tornado potatoes, fresh squeezed lemonade
F18: Mango's House
Shandong jianbing, watermelon juice, mango juice, grass jelly drink
F34: Moo-Soo-Bee
Spam musubi, poke samples, Hawaiian drinks
F03: Lucky Ball
Meat skewers, BBQ pork rib
F19: Oh Thit!
Grilled pork & filet skewers, grilled corn
F35: Culinary Institute of California
Shrimp popcorn, fish tenders, cucumber kimchi, chips, juice
F04: Beef Haslet Guy
Beef haslet, green bean paste, tea
F20: Fang's Asian Kitchen
Chicken sandwich, skewers, wings, spring rolls, fried mochi
F36: Beijing Tasty House
Lamb skewers & Beijing dishes
F05: Phoenix Garden
Skewers: filet mignon, bacon wrapped zucchini and mushroom
F21: Ono Grill
Volcano bowl, spam musubi, Hawaiian shaved ice
F37: Kala Eatery
Thai-style meat skewers, dessert bites, Thai iced tea
F06: The Paella Artisan
Seafood or chicken paella, empanadas, skewers
F22: Yiran Grill
Lamb skewers, candied fruit, fried squid
F07: Cake Heaven
Molten chocolate lava cake, Asian beignets
F23: Hotato Potato
Potato swirls in assorted flavors
F39: Wing Shack
Fried chicken wings w/ Asian sauce, garlic bacon fries
F08: Spiked
Fresh juice, raspberry lemonade, watermelon mint
F24: Squid Roe
Deep fried squid on a stick
F40: Griddle On
Korean seafood pancake, kimchi rice bun with pork
F09: Rosal's Family Shoppe
Balut, halo-halo shaved ice, empanadas
F25: Popping Fish Balls
Popping fish balls, udon with fish balls, gua bao
F41: Tan San BBQ 天山一串
Lamb shashlik/kebabs, roast corn
F10: Chinese & Korean BBQ
Beef short rib, meat skewers, Taiwanese sausage, fish balls
F26: Mindi J's Homestyle Sausages
Homestyle Taiwanese sausages, sandwiches
F42: A+ Tea House
Taiwanese dishes, strawberry rose tea, Hokkaido milk tea
F11: Hugo Foods
Exploding chicken roll, pop cake, crispy chicken
F27: Pop'd Up
Thai drinks and desserts
F43: Wei's Scallion Pancake
Taiwanese scallion pancakes, pork bun, leek dumpling
F12: Gottsui
Okonomiyaki, yakisoba
F28: Cajun Shrimp
Cajun shrimp, corn on the cob, sausages, dinner rolls
F44: Fruit Cup
Fruit milk drink, potato chips
F13: Got Corn? #1
Roasted corn on cob & in cup, strawberry lemonade
F29: GrubCo
Deep fried pork belly or beef curry rice balls, nutella wonton
F45: Maui Natural Ice
Hawaiian shaved ice
F14: Boba Bear
Milk tea, green tea, black tea
Boba brown sugar milk tea, Thai tea, fruit tea, grass jelly
F46: La Sriracha Macha
Assorted Lumpia dishes, Mexican tapas, and sauces
F15: Xinjiang Chuanr
Lamb skewers, grilled corn, milk tea, watermelon juice
F31: Hashtag Waffles
Waffles with toppings, orange sweet tea
F47: Ramen Burger
The OG Ramen Burger by Keizo Shimamoto
F16: Waffle Boss
Waffle ice cream sandwiches, waffles, ice cream floats
F32: Modern Cravings - Crinkled Dog
Tea drinks, waffle dogs, fruit skewers

  Food Truck: Belly Bombz
Korean Inspired wings & sliders
  Food Truck: Paradise Cookies & Ice Cream
Fresh baked cookies, homemade ice cream
  Food Truck: The Fluff Ice Truck
Fluff ice, frosted milk, boba beverages
Food Truck: Boba ni Taco
Tacos, rice & chow mein bowls, sliders, boba
Food Truck: Phantom Food Truck
Pork belly, duck, steak on burgers, tacos, fries
Food Truck: The Grilled Cheese Truck
Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches
Food Truck: Haleiwa Shave Ice
Hawaiian shaved ice
Food Truck: Rice Balls of Fire
Rice balls, Korean BBQ tacos & sliders, boba
Food Truck: The Mighty Boba Truck
Teas, boba, Taiwanese street food
Food Truck: Let's Roll It
Sushi rolls, hand rolls, tacos, combo plates
Food Truck: Sharemii Snowy Ice Truck
Shaved ice, ice cream
Food Truck: Tokyo Doggie Style
Japanese style hot dogs, rice balls, rice bowls
Food Truck: Lobsta Truck
Lobster rolls, crab rolls, lobster bisque & more
Food Truck: Tainamite
Garlic noodles, spring rolls, fried rice, wraps
Food Truck: Waffles de Liege
Waffles and ice cream