Discover 626 Night Market.

JULY 22–24, 2016

A01: LiHai Art
Art prints and photo prints
A02: Hawaiian Fragrant Crystals         
Hawaiian scented salt crystals
A03: Hands For Africa
Social awareness
A04: The Animal Box
A05: Japanimetion
Anime decals and apparel
A06: Noral Collections
A08: Bottivingelo
Wire ear wraps, jewelry
A09: API Equality-LA
Social awareness
A10: Soaporo
Handmade soaps
A11: Kissy Frog
A12: 4EverGems
Handmade accessories
A13: MimiChica
Dresses, rompers, and bottoms
A14: MaeMae Jewelry
Handmade inspirational jewelry
A15: La Meno Fashion Jewelry
Handmade stone jewelry
A16: Sane2K
Henna and facepainting
A17: Fashion N Style
Jewelry and accessories
A18: Ecoyardscapes
A19: Natural Bath and Body Care
Handmade bath and body products         
A20: Pattra's Home
Yarn dolls, purses and accessories
A21: Two Tree Designs
Handmade handbags and accessories
A22: Moonstone Crafts
Lamps and accessories
Puzzles and jewelry
A24: Honeybelle
Handmade bath and body products
A25: Desert Moon
Handmade jewelry
A26: Succulent Heaven
A27: In.LA
A28: Citrus Pest & Disease
Prevention Program

A29: You Name It
Personalized wire jewelry
A30: Forever Love Flowers
Handcrafted miniature flowers
A31: Hulma
Handmade minimalist jewelry
A32: Great Destinations
Vacation resort info

** = Vendors offering vegetarian option
B01: Swirls Potato & Lemonade
Potato swirl, lemonade
B02: Calvin's BBQ
Chicken, grilled squid, skewers, milk teas
B03: Miniyaki
Takoyaki, burger, tea
B04: WaffleLand
Egg waffle w/ ice cream, watermelon juice           
B05: Blackball Taiwanese Dessert
Shaved ice with grass jelly, milk teas
B06: Harrison's Amazing Kettle Corn
Kettle corn
B07: Love Grill
Skewers, chicken wings, hand rolls
B08: Crescendo Ice Cream
Nitrogen ice cream
B09: Beach Live
Uni poke bowls, oysters
B10: Shake Ramen
B11: Huarache King**
Huarache, elote, skewers, agua fresca
B12: Rolling Ice Creamery
Nitrogen rolled ice cream
B13: 901 House**
Fried skewers, Chinese pancake
B14: Ice Cream Garden
Potted ice cream, rainbow grilled cheese
B15: Sunny Concessions
French crepes, cotton candy, cold noodles     
B16: Shrimp Shack
Grilled shrimp, garlic noodles
B17: Dirty Cookie
Shot glass shaped cookies with milk
B18: Mu's Lobster Roll
Mac & cheese, fruit lemonades
B19: Mu's Lobster Roll
Mac & cheese, fruit lemonades
B21: Hotato Potato
Potato swirls, bucket drink
B22: Nate's Chicken Shack
Chicken parts, chicken omelette
B23: CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice
Milk teas
B24: Beijing Tasty House
Lamb skewers, cold noodles, cold dishes
B25: Luckyball Korean BBQ
BBQ, skewer, squid, lemonade
B26: Luckyball Korean BBQ
BBQ, skewer, squid, lemonade
B27: Beijing Tasty House
Lamb skewers, cold noodles, cold dishes
B28: Yummy Hero
Grilled squid, D cake, teas
B29: Asha Dry Noodles**
Taiwanese dry noodles
B30: Zumo & IFreeze
Sushi burritos, rolled ice cream
B31: Kobe Wagyu Freaks
Kobe wagyu hot dog, yakisoba, rice bowl
B32: Platoon
Fried squid, chicken cutlet
B33: Platoon
Fried squid, chicken cutlet
B34: Lobsterdamus
Whole lobsters, lobster ball, lobster fries
B35: SR Potato Swirl World
Potato swirls
B36: Koko Natti
BBQ ribs, chicken, spam musubi
B37: Lucky Elephant
Chinese hamburger, skewers, squid cutlet
B38: Boba Bear
Milk teas in mason jars
B39: Snow and Crab
Cajun shrimp, Mojito iced tea, iced tea lemonade
B40: Satori's Food Adventure
Takoyaki, taiyaki, drinks
B41: Deli Fresh USA
Mixed fruit drinks in signature bottle
B43: A+ Tea House
Milk teas and boba
B44: OK Korokkay
B45: LA Culinary
Nitro chips, ice cream cake, shaved ice
B46: Got Corn? #1
Corn, lemonade, giant turkey leg
B47: Cap'N Crispy
Bacon tempura, soft shelled crab
B48: Bamboo Grill
Grilled pork/chicken/beef skewers, drinks

** = Vendors offering vegetarian option
C01: Lee's Taiwanese Cuisine
Koah bao, nimoyaki
C02: Miister Potato**
Potato swirls, bbq squid, lemonade
C03: Squidies
Grilled squid, light bulb bottled drinks
C04: Hawaii's Donut
Malasadas, poke, Hawaiian lemonade
C05: Roji Tea
Matcha lattes
C06: Taiwan Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn chicken, chicken filet
C07: Watermelon Slush Station
Watermelon juice
C08: Dippin Chicken
Fried chicken, fried fish, fries
C09: Ricos Manjares
Funnel cakes, corn, ice cream sandwich
C10: Popd'Up
Craft sodas
C11: Northeast BBQ
BBQ beef skewer, cold noodle, plum water          
C12: The Naughty Churro
Ice cream, churros
C13: Sevan Garden Kebab House
Shwarma, beef doner, fruit infused water
C14: Sevan Garden Kebab House
Shwarma, beef doner, fruit infused water
C15: Hugo Foods
Oyster omelet, stinky tofu
C16: HaiDiLao Hot Pot
Various hot pot
C17: Mix.E
Filipino desserts, halo halo, citrus iced tea
C18: Sushi Studio Arts
Sushi, handrolls, poke
C19: Thai & Thai BBQ**
Teriyaki chicken, vegetable fried rice
C20: Factory Tea Bar
Boba milk tea, teas, watermelon juice
C21: Tropical Hut
Pina colada in whole pineapple & coconut
C22: Glee Donuts & Burgers
Donuts, burgers
C23: Win's Thai Cuisine
Thai food, skewers, thai tea, tea drinks
C24: Chicken Theory
Snowdrop chicken, fruit mojito
C26: Garlic Noodles and Grill
Garlic noodles with beef/chicken/shrimp
C27: Hashtag Waffles
Savory and sweet waffles
C28: Wonton Kitchen
Wonton nachos, cheese rangoon
C29: Bengees Ice Cream Crafters**
Cronut ice cream sandwich, vegan ice cream         
C30: Polka Dot
Belgian waffles, milk teas
C31: Phuud
Skewers, sliders
C32: Rakken Tacos
Pho tacos, crab fries, shrimp taquitos
C33: What Floats Ur Boat
Variety of musubis
C34: Main Squeeze
Lemonade in mason jars
C35: Simpang Asia
Indonesian satay, croquettes, lemonade
C37: The Milk Tea Company
Milk tea drinks
C38: Fire's Grill
Grilled squid, taiyaki, fried noodle
C39: Fruitology
Fruit juices, frozen yogurt
C40: Kanom Jao Nine
Thai desserts
C41: Fist of Fusion Island Grill
Kalua pork tacos, tropical lemonade
C42: The Bonks Lab
Coconut pandan drink, kalamansi juice tea
C43: My Ramen Bar - Manichi Ramen
C44: Nikuman-ya Steamed Buns**
Steamed pork bun, melty cheese bun
C45: Best Taste of Asia
BBQ pork/chicken/abalone, lemon ice tea
C46: LazyBearLA
Bear sleeping in crab/chicken curry
C47: Echigoya Inc.
Rice balls
C48: Dragon Queen's Grill
Korean bbq
C49: Mu's Lobster Roll
Mac & cheese, fruit lemonades
C50: Mu's Lobster Roll
Mac & cheese, fruit lemonades
C51: Takoyaki Tanota
Takoyaki, yuzu calpico
C52: At The Fair Snack Foods
Funnel cakes, deep fried oreos/twinkies
C53: Chilly Ribbons
Watermelon bomb, snow cream
C54: Aquaculture
Steamed/fried oysters, clam shooters
C55: GAJA Okonomiyaki**
C56: Tapioca Express Lattea
Crispy chicken, snow bubble, milk teas
C57: Craft Pizza n Chicken
Lobster corn dog nuggets, adobo fries
C58: Star Thai
Pad thai, mango rice, egg rolls, thai tea
C59: Mu's Lobster Roll
Lobster rolls, soups
C60: Ridges Churro Bar
Ice cream churro
C61: Rakken Tacos
Pho tacos, crab fries, shrimp taquitos
C62: Bulgogi House
Korean bbq
C63: Kung Fu Soy
Shaved ice dessert w/ toppings
C64: Sunday Cafe
Bacon wrapped hot dogs, aquas frescas
C65: WaffleLand
Egg waffle with ice cream, rice noodles          
C66: Café 949
Bacos, udon, popping fish balls, grilled lobster
C67: Seoul Street
Korean bulgogi fries, bibimbap, fruit tea
C68: Square Donut Ice Cream
Donut ice cream sandwich
C69: Oun Boy Burger
Sticky rice burger, thai fries, thai tea
C70: Little Sweet Place
Various sweet desserts
C71: Let's Thai
BBQ pork/chicken, fresh coconut
C72: Dragon Whiskers Candy
Chinese dragon whiskers candy
C73: Dragon Whiskers Candy
Chinese dragon whiskers candy
C74: V&R Thai Chinese Cuisine
Pad thai, lobster balls, fried rice

D01: Beyond Global Corporation       
Masquerade masks, hats, toys
App info
D03: Fantastic Fam
Apparel and accessories
D04: Fantastic Fam
Apparel and accessories
D05: Beauty Couture
Skincare and beauty products
D06: Gemorie
D07: LA Weekly
Local Los Angeles news
D08: Kotsemoworld
Car accessories
D09: Summer Sisters
D10: Tupria Group
Jewelry and accessories
D11: Wyndham Vacation Ownership 
Vacation resort info
D12: Hummingbird Nest Ent.
Tickets to talk shows
D13: Legacy Cards Game Booth     
Pokemon interactive game
D14: Legacy Cards
Pokemon cards, pins, plushies
D15: Planned Parenthood
Health awareness
D16: Ambition
D17: Shibuyala
Beauty products
D18: Baubles & Gems
Jewelry and apparel
D19: 6thavenueco
Cosplay memorabilia, accessories
D20: Bad Pickle Tees
Fun pun apparel
D21: Petite Dreams Studio
Jewelry and accessories
D22: LA Light Designs
LED apparel and accessories
D23: Ace Car Studio Accessories
Car accessories
D24: CKI Fish booth
Fishing game
D25: Gravity x Catalyst
Jewelry and apparel
D26: Milkyway Cases
Cell phone cases
D27: Christine Ly
Hats and sunglasses
D28: Sumofish
Apparel and decals
D29: Welk Resorts
Vacation resort info
D30: Rechargeitup
Phone accessories
D31: Creatividy
D38: Benection
Teddy bears, house accessories
D39: Lotus Era
Hats and sunglasses
D40: Lotus Era
Hats and sunglasses
D41: LA Fair
LA Fair info
D42: Paldo
Prepackaged noodles and snacks
D43: Ensaymada Project
Ensaymada w/ cream
D44: AB Sorbet
Sorbet in fruit shells
D45: Little XO Kings
Childrens’ apparel
D46: LA Times
Local Los Angeles news
D47: Sea Gypsy California
Handmade signs, beach towels
D48: JINS Eyewear
Non-prescription glasses
D49: End Malaria
Health awareness
Men and women apparel

** = Vendors offering vegetarian option
  Food Truck: Bibimbap Backpackers**                  
Various bibimbaps
  Food Truck: Book Brothers Catering Inc.**
Fried tofu, chicken, cold noodles
Food Truck: BrewWings Food Truck & Catering**
Chicken wings, waffles, tater tots, salad
Food Truck: Frach's Fried Ice Cream
Fried ice cream
Food Truck: Haleiwa Shave Ice
Hawaiian shave ice with toppings
Food Truck: Okamoto Kitchen**
Cheese mochi sticks, croquettes, green tea parfait
Food Truck: Papa Fritz
Bulgogi frites, chicken and waffle, ice cream waffle
Food Truck: Phantom Food Truck
Duck fries, tacos, fried rice, boba
Food Truck: Stuffed Crepe
Crepes, paninis, lemonade
Funnel cake, smoothies, lemonade
Food Truck: Blue Nova
Hand-rolled ice cream and frozen s'mores