Welcome to your night market.

Click on the map for a printable directory.

Click on the map for a printable directory.

  A01: Stussy Inc.
Men and women's apparel
A02: Extreme Autowerks
Brake calipers, Car wraps
  A03: LeiHan Gift Collection
Kids’ accessories, Hair accessories, Jewelry
A04: 626 Night Market
Official 626 Night Market Merchandise
  A05: Hulma
Handmade jewelry
A06: Benection
Household appliances, Plush dolls
A07: Forever Hearts
Animal hats, Scarves, Sunglasses, Hats
A08: London Manori
Handmade jewelry
A09: Creatividy
A10: SolarCity
Clean and more affordable energy
A11: Rojas Clothing
Men and women’s clothing
A12: Mahjong Bingo/Canon Ball
Taiwanese games
A13: Chakra Center
Homemade candles, chakra healing books          
A14: Vieques Studios
Pet products and accessories
A15: Dream Candles
Natural soap, bath bombs, fizzy bath salts
A16: Mikie's Inc
Jewelry and accessories
  A17: Gravity LA
T-shirts, Pullovers, Outerwear, Socks
A18: DealAM
App for online shoppers to find codes and deals
A19: Welk Resorts
Resort info
A20: Amigurumi Man
Hand-crocheted plush dolls, accessories 
  A21: V&O Car Rental
Car rental information
A22: Legacy Cards
Collectible pins, Pokémon cards
A25: BonBliss
Candy-themed hand & body scrubs
A26: Selfie Selfie Photo Studio
A27: Bad Pickle Tees
Foodie T-shirts
A28: MaeMae Jewelry
Inspirational jewelry
A29: Escape Obstacle
Marathon information
A30: UI Jewelry
Handmade jewelry
A31: Mermaid Soul Wahine
Metallic mermaid trucker hats
A32: Rechargeitup
Cell phone accessories
A33: Royal Jewelry
Fashion jewelry
A34: Noral Collections
Handmade accessories

  B01: Banzai Jerky
Beef jerky and bacon jerky
B02: Mikukumi
Handmade jewelry and accessories
B03: T Square International
Fashion accessories
  B04: US Jaclean
Massage chairs and equipment
B05: Peach Me L.A
Fashion jewelry and accessories
B06: Milkyway
Cell phone cases
B07: Honeybelle
Handmade facial care, Bath and body products
B08: Multi-Goodsco
Puzzles and charms
B09: Dreams of Tibet
Cotton and hemp clothing, bags, scarves
B10: Desert Moon
Handmade jewelry and clothing
B11: Hawaiian Fragrant Crystals
Hawaiian scented salt crystals
B13: L&H International
Cell phone accessories
B14: L&H International
Cell phone accessories
B15: Ambition Apparel
Ambition hoodies, crewnecks, shirts
B16: Wells Fargo
Banking and financial services
B17: Wells Fargo
Banking and financial services
B18: Baubles n Gems
Women’s fashion jewelry and accessories
B19: Cygnet Spot
Yoga tees, scarves, sarongs, crystals, tapestries
B20: Sour Girls
Handmade jewelry and accessories
B21: Succulent Heaven
Handpicked succulent plants
B22: Cikee Spring
Sandals and shoes
B23: Little Rain
Cell phone accessories, Fashion accessories
B24: JJ Decals
Handbags and sunglasses
B25: House Shop LA-House of Hello
B26: Beauty Couture
Beauty skincare products
Handbags, wallets, clutches, jewelry
Handbags, wallets, clutches, jewelry
B29: Unique Creations
Fashion jewelry
B30: Apule Town
Handmade scarves, Bindis, Dashikis
B31: Beyond Global Corp
Plush dolls and masquerade masks
B32: Hot Mess Workshop
Headbands, Baby clothes
B34: Twee's Candy
Candy apple, Lollipops, Candy bars
B35: Trade Monkey
Handcrafted jewelry
B36: TranAccessories
Selfie sticks, Powerbanks
B37: Sane2k
Henna tattoo
B38: Gesoo Inc
Chinese food delivery service website

  C01: MVP Cube
Claw game machines
  C02: Cansonic
  C04: LA Weekly
Los Angeles news and events
C05: Abouts LA
Hyperlocal food magazine
C06: Top Network Solutions
Cell phone accessories and games   
C07: Dreamy Jumpers
Vinyl decals, T-shirts
C08: Forever Love Flowers
Handcrafted miniature flowers in vases    
C09: View Apparel
T-shirts, Accessories

  D01: Sticky Finger
Thai drinks, Mango sticky rice
D02: Miniyaki
Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki
D03: Thai Popsicle
Popsicles, Thai tea drink
D04: Hong Kong Fish Ball
Fish balls, Dumpling, Lemon tea drink
D05: Saltena Corner
Bolivian empanadas, Peach water
D06: Waffle Land
Egg waffle, Ice tea, Watermelon drink
D07: What Floats Ur Boat
D07.5: IndoMie
Indonesian noodles
D08: HC Foods
Prepackaged snacks and drinks          
D09: Ice Que
Shaved Ice
D10: Lotza Tots
Gourmet tator tots, Mojitos
D11: TBay
Hokaiddo milk tea
D12: TBay
Hokaiddo milk tea
D13: Platoon
Fried chicken cutlet, Fried squid
D14: Matcha Mochi
Shaved ice, HK style Belgium waffles
D15: Foodies
Scallion pancakes
D16: Azuma Food
Asian fusion burgers and salad
D17: Sevan’s Garden Kabob
Doner Kabob, Lemonade jars
D18: Sevan’s Garden Kabob
Doner Kabob, Lemonade jars
D19: Dolcissimo Bakeshop
Ice cream macaron sandwiches                 
D21: North American Dairy Corp
Prepackaged yogurt
D22: Carry Out Supplies
Food trays
D23: MiiBox
Prepackaged snacks and candy
D24: Choctál
Prepackaged ice cream
D25: Contra Coffee & Tea
Nitro coffee and tea
D26: Velvet Rope Bake Shop
Cake truffles
D27: Fruity Date
Chocolate and sugar coated fruits
D28: Cheesecake in a Cup
Prepackaged cheesecake, Dried fruits
D29: Deli Fresh
Prepackaged fruit juice drinks
D30: Three Twins Ice Cream
Organic ice cream
D31: Sharetea
Okinawan milk tea

  E01: Beijing Tasty House
Lamb skewers
E02: A+ Tea House
Green tea, Bubble tea
E03: Lucky Elephant
Squid cutlet, Chinese hamburger, Smoked eggs
E04: Nate’s Chicken Shack
Chicken heart, butt, and other parts
E05: Melting Fire Crossnut
Ice Cream Sandwich
Poke, Coconut ile flottante
E06: Melting Fire Crossnut
Ice Cream Sandwich

Poke, Coconut ile flottante
E07: Aunty Merry
Indonesian satay, Shrimp & corn fritters
E08: Watermelon Slush Station
Watermelon slush in mason jars
E09: CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice
Milk tea w/ boba
E10: Taipei Street Food
Fish and shrimp balls, Popcorn chicken
E11: Cali Calamari
Calamari, Fries, Coconut
E12: Main Squeeze
Specialty lemonade in mason jars
E13: Pop'd Up
Handcrafted soda, Popsicles, Thai float
E14: A-Sha Dry Noodles
Noodles, Pineapple cakes, Snacks
E15: Bambu
Vietnamese dessert drinks, Fried tofu, Popcorn chicken
E16: Sushi Studio Arts
Poke, Handrolls, Garlic crab fries, Pho tacos
E17: Sushi Studio Arts
Poke, Handrolls, Garlic crab fries, Pho tacos
E18: Lucky Ball
Korean BBQ, pork, beef, chicken skewers
E19: Cajun Shrimp Shack
Squid, Sausage, Cajun shrimp and boil
E20: Mingcourt
Lamb skewers, Chinese hamburger, Fried fish balls
E21: Taiwan Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn chicken, Taiwanese sausage, Chicken gizzard
E22: Taiwan Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn chicken, Taiwanese sausage, Chicken gizzard   
E23: Wei’s Scallion Pancakes
Scallion pancakes, Pork bun
E24: BBQ Cold Noodles
BBQ noodles, Mala tofu skewers
Okonomiyaki, Fried squid legs
E26: V&R Thai Chinese
BBQ chicken and beef, Lobster balls,
Pad thai
E27: 2188 Spicy Shrimp
Boiling crawfish, Crispy milk pudding, Crawfish tail skewer
E28: Green Cube Tofu
Stinky tofu
E29: Dough Dough’s Malsadas
Malsadas, Musubi
E30: Tea Bar
Fruit teas, Chicken cutlet
E31: Hugo Foods
Exploding chicken roll, Crispy chicken, Stinky tofu
E32: BigBadBoyle BBQ
Pulled pork sandwiches, Baked beans, Cole slaw
E33: BigBadBoyle BBQ
Pulled pork sandwiches, Baked beans, Cole slaw
E34: Takoyaki Tanota
  E35: Lee’s Taiwanese Cuisine
Kuah-pao, Shaved ice, Pork rice

  F01: Miister Potato
Potato swirls, Lemonade
F02: Beijing Tasty House
Lamb skewers, Prepackaged cold meats
  F03: LA Culinary
Shark tacos, Fried chicken feet, Spicy frog legs
F04: Achara
Skewers, Burritos
F05: Crescendo Ice Cream
Nitrogen infused ice cream
F06: Ruby's Kitchen
Poke, Poke bowls, Green Thai tea
F07: Best Fried Skewers
Chicken cutlet, Fried chicken skewers
F08: Crasians
Crunchy Bun, Lemonade
F09: Yummy Hero
D cake, Stuffed squid, Black tea
F10: Northeast BBQ
BBQ beef, Smoked chicken bones, Cold noodles   
F11: The Poutine Stand
Variety of poutines
F12: Ice Cream Garden LA
Potted ice cream, Ice cream cones
F13: Boba Bear
Milk tea in mason jars
F14: Dong Ting Chun
Skewered meats and veggies, Chinese beef rolls
F15: OK-Korokkay
Varity of croquettes, Specialty mocktail drinks
F16: Hunan Mao
Cold noodles, Cold chicken feet
F17: Halle Lumpia
Lumpia, Meat skewers
F18: Nam Gourmet
Pho waffles
F19: Manichi Ramen
F20: Lobsterdamus
Lobster, Lobster balls
F21: Skoshbox
Mystery snack bag, Asian snacks
F22: Calvin’s BBQ
Beef, lamb, and squid skewers
Varity of pork buns
F24: Got Corn? #1
Grilled corn, Lemonade
F25: Fruitology
Fruit juice drinks
F26: D-lish Waffles
Waffles topped w/ fruits, Fried chicken
F27: D-lish Waffles
Waffles topped w/ fruits, Fried chicken
F28: Belly & Snout
Asian fusion hot dogs, Juice drinks
F29: Pioneer Recipes
Japanese Karrage, Yakisoba
F30: FoodBeast.com
Ramen donuts, Spam fries
F31: Ridges Churro Bar
Churro ice cream
F32: Spiked
Lemonade and fruit juice in mason jars
F33: Meat District Co
Sliders, Meat chunks, Hot dog, Ribs
F34: Meat District Co
Sliders, Meat chunks, Hot dog, Ribs
F35: Snow House Tea Bar
Marble smoothies, Roasted cha siu pork
F36: Simpang Asia
Pork and chicken skewers, Lemonade cocktails
F37: Umaya Ramen
Ramen, Ramen pizza, Mixed fruit juices
F38: Squid Roe
Fruit squid cutlet, Popping fish balls
F39: Hotato Potato
Potato swirls, Lemonade
F40: Seoul Street
Korean bulgogi fries, Rice cake skewers, Calpico
F41: Jonathan Chung
Brazilian fried empanadas w/ different fillings
F42: Sushi Studio Arts
Garlic crab fries, Pho tacos
F43: Milk Tea Company
Milk teas, Lemon tea
F44: Mu's Lobster Roll
Lobster roll, taco, bisque, Lemonade
F45: Mu's Lobster Roll
Lobster roll, taco, bisque, Lemonade
F46: Ramen Burger
OG ramen burger
F47: Ramen Burger
OG ramen burger

  Food Truck: Chilly Ribbons
Shaved ice, Egg waffle
  Food Truck: Frach’s Fried Ice Cream
Fried ice cream, Ice cream scoops, Milkshakes
Food Truck: Haleiwa Shave Ice
Hawaiian shaved ice w/ice cream and toppings
Food Truck: Komodo Truck
Tacos, Nasi Goreng, Fries, Meatballs
Food Truck: Lobsta Truck
Lobster rolls, Crab rolls, Clam chowder
Food Truck: Our Kitchen Chinese Food Truck
Sausage fried rice, Steam buns, Egg pancake
Food Truck: Samurai Burrito
Sushi burrito, nachos, poke
Food Truck: Serendoggity
Organic hot dogs and sausages
Food Truck: The Flavor Factory Food Truck
Angus beef burgers, Jackfruit burger, Garlic fries
Food Truck: UniqCone
Uniqcone ice cream hooks, Organic soft serve cups

All vendor listings are subject to change without notice and are provided here for your convenience only.