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Click on the map for a printable directory.

Click on the map for a printable directory.

  A01: Stussy Inc.
Men and women's apparel
A02: Extreme Autowerks
Car wraps
  A03: LeiHan Gift Collection
Kids’ accessories, Hair accessories, Jewelry
A04: UCR CKI Fishing Game
Swish for fish to support a
great cause
  A05: Creatividy
Handmade apparel
A06: London Manori
Handmade gold filled & sterling silver jewelry
A07: Benection
Household appliances, teddy bears                
A08: Forever Hearts
Animal hats, scarves, sunglasses, hats
A09: LA Times
Newspaper subscription
A10: Hulma
Handmade jewelry
A11: Rojas Clothing
Clothing, snapbacks, handmade bucket hats
A12: Desert Moon
Handbags, wallets, clutches, jewelry
A13: Dream Candles
Natural soap, dead sea salt,
fizzing bath salts
A14: DealAM
App for online shoppers to find codes and deals
A15: Vieques Studios
Pet products, phone accessories, jewelry, hats
A16: Trade Monkey
Handmade accessories from
Southeast Asia and Africa
  A17: Puppybao Creations
Anime and pop culture drinkware
A18: Audrey Miller Art
Handmade buttons, magnets, plush toys, art
A19: Top Network Solutions
Kids furniture, toys; electronics,
cell phone accessories
A20: GravityLA
T-Shirts, pullovers, outerwear, socks, beanies         
  A21: Welk Resorts
Info on resort property
A22: J2Boutique
Handbags, sunglasses
A23: Legacy Cards
Collectible pins, Pokemon cards
A25: BonBliss
Candy-themed hand and body scrubs
A26: Mia Dulcia Handmade
Lip balm, sugar lip scrubs
A27: Tee No Evil
Art prints, buttons/pins, shirts
A28: MaeMae Jewelry
Inspirational jewelry
A29: API Equality
Info on LGBT movement
A30: YYP Entertainment
Han Lei Live Concert 2015 World Tour tickets
A31: Anime Charms
Anime accessories, bags, merchandise
A32: Rechargeitup
Cell phone chargers, power banks,
selfie sticks
A33: Vi Ling Designs
Handmade jewelry
A34: Planned Parenthood
Info on reproductive health care

  B01: Banzai Jerky
Beef jerky and bacon jerky
B02: Mikukumi
Handmade jewelry and accessories
B03: T Square International
Fashion accessories
  B04: Peach Me LA
Fashion jewelry and accessories
B05: Milkyway
Cell phone cases
B06: Honeybelle
Handmade facial care, bath & body products
B07: Forever Love Flowers
Handcrafted miniature flowers in glass vases
B08: Multi-Goodsco
Puzzles and charms
B09: Lotus Era
Hats, sunglasses, bags, anime products
B10: Hawaiian Fragrant Crystals
Hawaiian scented salt crystals, heat globes          
B11: L&H International
Cell phone cases, wireless accessories, chargers
B12: L&H International
Cell phone cases, wireless accessories, chargers
B13: Amergy Solar
Solar panels
B14: US Jaclean
Massage chairs and equipment
B16: Baubles n Gems
Jewelry and chains
B17: Shanah Design
Face and body art
B18: Fox Force Three
Vintage accessories and handmade soaps
B19: Succulent Heaven
Succulents in teacups, teapots, planters
B20: Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches
Bone marrow donor registry
B21: PM Macarons
B22: Little Rain
Cell phone accessories, fashion accessories
B23: Mose App
Deals and coupons iPhone app
B24: T-Mobile
Cell phone services
B25: Bailey and Stitch Sewing Co.
Hand crafted bow ties for dogs and pet apparel
B26: Beauty Couture
Beauty skincare products
B27: KNJ Apparel
Original T-shirts, keychains, hats, plush toys
B28: T&J Toys & Gifts
Succulents, cactus terrariums
B29: Yolo Nails
Nail polish strips
B30: GLDesigns
Handmade accessories, art, bags, jewelry
B31: Beyond Global Corp
Toys, masquerade masks, plush dolls
B32: Twisties Balloons
Balloon animals, pet walking balloons
B33: Fantastic Fam
Men and women’s apparel
B34: Fantastic Fam
Men and women’s apparel
B35: Farm Animal Rights Movement
Info and video on treatment of farm animals
B36: Amazing Mirador
Beach bags, backpcaks, shoulder bags, cosmetic bags
B37: 5BuckDecal
Anime and pop culture decals
B38: Goat & Kettle
Unique jewelry hand-forged from antique keys
B39: Sane2k Artists
Henna body art, face and body painting
B40: Juicy Music Presents: Sodagreen 2015 Tour
Concert tickets, fan based merch, T-shirts

  C01: Do My Case
Decorated cell phone cases, phone      
  C02: Cansonic
  C03: Christine Ly
Hats, sandals, shoes
C04: LA Weekly
Los Angeles news and events
C05: AboutsLA
Hyperlocal food magazine                            
C06: Bruce Tea
Blended tea drinks and
Meet & Greet with Shannon Lee
C07: Bruce Tea
Blended tea drinks and
Meet & Greet with Shannon Lee

  D01: Miniyaki
Okonomiyaki, takoyaki
D02: Waffle Land
Egg waffles, watermelon juice, iced tea
D03: Bling Bling Virgin Cocktails
LED cups with virgin cocktails
D04: Hong Kong Fish Ball
Curry fish ball, steamed dumplings, lemon tea
D05: Family Funnel Cake
Funnel cake, lemonade, iced tea, fruit smoothies
D06: Ice Cream Garden
Potted ice cream sundaes, ice cream cones
D07: What Floats Ur Boat
Poke musubi, bulgogi musubi, duck musubi
D08: IndoMie
Indonesian noodles, bottled juice and tea
D09: HC Foods
Prepackaged snacks and drinks
D10: Muscle Beach Cafe
Sausages, bacon wrapped hot dogs, roasted corn
D11: Lotza Tots
Tater tots with toppings: uni cream, chili, cheese
D12: TBay
Hokaiddo milk tea
D12: TBay
Hokkaido milk tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea
D13: Oko Cafe
Bamboo charcoal KURO burger, onigiri, taiyaki, gelato parfait
D14: Platoon
Fried chicken cutlet, fried squid, lamb cutlet, mala soup
D15: Morinaga Nutritional Foods, Inc.
Sukiyaki bowls, vegan cream puffs, vegan soy donuts
D16: Yo Mama's Kitchen
Gumbo, fried shrimp, fried chicken liver, fried calamari
D17: Ricos Manjares Mosita
Funnel cakes, aguas frescas, mositas, nachos, corn in cup
D18: Sevan’s Garden Kabob
Doner Kabob, Lemonade jars
D19: Jar Headz
Fruit infused water and slushies in jars
D20: Dolcissimo Bakeshop
Ice cream macaron sandwich, ice cream cookie sundae
D21: Serenity Homeland
Fresh sugar cane drinks, coconuts, Vietnamese coffee
D22: Midori Matcha
Matcha Americano, Matcha Latte, MellonFruit
D23: Beach Live
Uni bowl, poke bowls, poke balls
D24: Juice U
Fresh fruit juice in mason jars
D25: AB Sorbets
Fresh fruit filled with organic handmade fruit sorbet
D26: Sweet Garden & Girls
Mochi water cake, flower cotton candy, apple “beer”
D27: mix•e
Halo Halo Filipino shaved ice
D28: Twee's Candy
Candy apples, pretzel sticks, cake pops
D29: Cheesecake in a Cup
Cheesecake in various flavors
D30: Thai Popsicle
Thai popsicle, Thai iced tea and iced coffee
D31: Ensaymada Project
Ensaymadas (brioche buns), brownies, ice cream

  E01: Lucky Ball
BBQ pork, beef, chicken skewers, rice bowls
E02: Tea Bar Starry
Chicken filet; orange or watermelon green tea
E03: Mingcourt
Lamb skewers, dessert porridge, fish balls, chicken wings
E04: Watermelon Slush Station
Watermelon slush, strawberry lemonade in jar
E05: CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice
Boba milk tea, with jelly and pudding
E06: The Matsuri
Spicy tuna rice burger
E07: Mama Musubi
Gourmet rice balls, lemonade, tea
E08: Mama Musubi
Gourmet rice balls, lemonade, tea
E09: Ice Cream Garden
Potted ice cream sundaes, ice cream cones
E10: LA Culinary
Shark tacos, fried chicken feet, spicy frog fries
E11: Ambros Meats
Sausage, bacon wrapped hot dogs, fries, grilled onions
E12: Ambros Meats
Sausage, bacon wrapped hot dogs, fries, grilled onions
E13: Pop'd Up
Thai tea with milk popsicle & boba, dessert taco waffle
E14: A-Sha Dry Noodles
Cooked dry noodles, pineapple cakes, seaweed snacks
E15: Bambu
Desserts, Vietnamese drinks, fried tofu, fried chicken
E16: Rakken
Pho tacos, garlic crab fries, butter shrimp tacos
E17: Sushi Studio Arts
Poke, handrolls, sushi
E18: Taiwan Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn chicken, chicken filet, Taiwanese sausage
E19: Taiwan Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn chicken, chicken filet, Taiwanese sausage
E20: Cajun Shrimp Shack
Cajun grilled shrimp, deep fried mac & cheese balls
E21: Nam Gourmet
Pho waffles & spring rolls
E22: Potato Swirl World
Fried potato swirls in various flavors, boba drinks
E23: Wei’s Scallion Pancakes
Scallion pancakes, pork bun, shaved ice
E24: BBQ Cold Noodles
BBQ cold noodles, lamb skewers, grilled squid
E25: Gaja Okonomiyaki
Okonomiyaki, Fried squid legs
E26: V&R Thai Chinese
BBQ chicken & beef , Chow mein , fried rice
E27: Echigoya Genkichi
Rice balls with seaweed, salmon, cod roe, plum, bonito
E28: Green Cube Tofu
Stinky tofu
E29: Halle Lumpia
Lumpia, adobo fries, adobo plate
E30: The Bonks Lab
Drinks: Kalaman Tea, The Tita Melda, Corny Bonks
E31: Hugo Foods
Stinky tofu, exploding chicken roll, pop cake
E32: BigBadBoyle BBQ
Pulled pork sandwiches, beef skewers
E33: BigBadBoyle BBQ
Pulled pork sandwiches, beef skewers
E34: Takoyaki Tanota
  E35: Lee’s Taiwanese Cuisine
Gua bao, snow ice, ground pork rice, pork belly rice
  E36: Nate's Chicken Shack
Chicken heart skewers, chicken butts, wings, other parts
E37: Lucky Elephant
Squid cutlet, Chinese hamburgers, Beijing pancakes
  E38: A+ Tea House
Fruit flavored green tea, yogurt bubble
  E39: Beijing Tasty House
Lamb skewers, packaged cold meats

  F01: Miister Potato
Potato swirls, lemonade
F02: Beijing Tasty House
Lamb skewers, packaged cold meats
  F03: Saltena Corner
Bolivian meat pies, peach water
F04: Belly & Snout
Hot dogs: Sisig, Belly & Snout, Adobo, Banh Mi
F05: Crescendo Ice Cream
Liquid nitrogen ice cream with bread
F06: Ruby's Kitchen
Poke bowls, poke, green Thai tea
F07: Sunday Cafe
Bacon wrapped hot dogs, tacos, fruit water
F08: Cafe 949
Asian tacos, popping fish balls, Vietnamese coffee
F09: Yummy Hero
D-Cake, fried jumbo squid, black iced tea, lemon jelly
F10: Star Thai
Sweet mango rice, butterfly shrimp, chicken satay
F11: China Tasty
Beef noodle soup, milk tea, Grass Jelly Wow Milk
F12: Mr. Pang
Chicken skewers, chicken wings, beef wrapped green onions
F13: Boba Bear
Boba milk tea in mason jar
F14: Dong Ting Chun
Grilled pig feet, rice noodle soup, duck neck, gizzards
F15: Wishful Delights
Crepes with fruit, nutella, ice cream
F16: Grill Garden
Grilled oysters, rice noodles, eggplant, grilled potatoes
F17: Nani Kore Hawaii
Bacon wrapped mochi, pork belly kimchi yakisoba, sliders
F18: Crinkled Dog
Crinked dog and sweets, fruit puree with Jasmine tea
F19: Manichi Ramen
Tonkotsu ramen, seafood ramen
F20: Lobsterdamus
Lobster, Lobster balls
F21: Sharetea
Okinawan boba milk tea, honey with aloe vera
F22: Calvin’s BBQ
Grilled squid, BBQ beef and lamb skewers
F23: Main Squeeze
Mason jar lemonade with light cubes
F24: Nikuman-ya Steam Pork Buns
Steamed pork buns, melted cheese pork buns, red bean buns
F25: OK-Korokkay
Savory pot pies: chicken, shepherd’s, Italian pizza pie
F26: Got Corn?
Roasted corn on cob and corn in bowl, lemonade
F27: Fruitology
Acai bowls, Pitaya bowls, strawberry mint lemonade
F28: D-lish Waffles
Chicken & waffles, waffles with fruit and Nutella
F29: D-lish Waffles
Chicken & waffles, waffles with fruit and Nutella
F30: Crasians
Kalbi or pork belly Crunch Buns, rice cakes, rice burgers
F31: Cali Calamari
Calimari: Original, Asian Style, 626 Style
F32: Sunset Catering
Beignets and garlic parmesan lobster fries
F33: Ridges Churro Bar
Churros, churros with ice cream, Vietnamese coffee, juice
F34: Spiked
Fresh squeezed fruit lemonade in mason jars
F35: Meat District Co
Beef. chicken breast, slider, baby back ribs. hot dogs
F36: Meat District Co
Beef. chicken breast, slider, baby back ribs. hot dogs
F37: Skoshbox
Japanese snacks, candy drinks, mystery snack bags
F38: Deli Fresh USA
Soursop strawberry or passionfruit mango jelly juice
F39: Simpang Asia
Indonesian satay, virgin cocktails, fried calamari
F40: Squid Roe
Deep fried squid skewers
F41: Hotato Potato
Deep fried potato swirls, poutine, lemonade
F42: Pasteleria
Pastel: ground pork, pizza, s’mores; passionfruit juice
F43: Milk Tea Company
Hong Kong style milk tea, lemon tea, sweet milk with boba
F44: Foodies
Scallion pancakes, panini, mocktails, fried snacks
F45: Rakken
Pho tacos, garlic crab fries, butter shrimp tacos
F46: Rakken
Pho tacos, garlic crab fries, butter shrimp tacos
F47: Myke's Cafe
Bro Snicker Burger sliders, TBD Burger
F48: Quenelle
Funnel cake ice cream sandwich, boba drinks
F49: Mu's Lobster Roll
Lobster roll, lobster tacos, lobster bisque, clam chowder
F50: Mu's Lobster Roll
Lobster roll, lobster tacos, lobster bisque, clam chowder
F51/52: Ramen Burger
Ramen burger

  Food Truck: Chilly Ribbons
Shaved ice, Watermelon Bomb
  Food Truck: Buddha Bing
Jian Bings, purple rice bowls, potsticker dumplings, and cold noodles
Food Truck: Coolhaus
Ice cream sandwiches, scoops, cookies, iced coffee
Food Truck: Fluff Ice Truck
Fluff ice, frosted milk
Food Truck: Frach's Fried Ice Cream
Fried ice cream, ice cream scoops, milkshakes
Food Truck: Haleiwa Shave Ice
Hawaiian shave ice with ice cream and toppings
Food Truck: Phantom Food Truck
Peking duck fries, pork belly fries, tacos, melts
Food Truck: Samurai Burrito
Sushi Burrito, nachos, poke
Food Truck: The Middle Feast Food Truck
Chicken shawarma, fish tacos, falafel, burgers, fries
Food Truck: UniqCone
Uniqcone ice cream hooks, Organic soft serve cups

All vendor listings are subject to change without notice and are provided here for your convenience only.