OLIVIA THAI, a powerhouse name in the Asian American new media scene for comedy and music is more than just a funny singer. Her first cover video was posted on YouTube in 2007 as an inside joke with her friends, which unexpectedly amassed over 21 million total views on her channel and appearances in magazines, newspapers, television, and film for the next eight years. From 2011 to early 2014, she was one of the main cast members and the only female writer in a sketch comedy team with over 2 million fans worldwide. Although she still has an appreciation for acting and sketch-writing, she has moved on from her days in comedy to fully pursue the love that never left her - music.

To her 150,000 loyal supporters in which she calls her #oliviathaiarmy, she has been the unique, down-to-earth combination of a singer, pianist, guitarist, violinist, comedic actress, sketch comedy writer, entrepreneur, linguist, and culinary artist. With Olivia's endless thirst for knowledge and artistic freedom, it was no surprise that she recently added yet another skill to her renaissance woman list - songwriting for herself and other recording artists. What she truly did not expect was that songwriting would completely change her life, and in a little over two months, she would write over 100 original songs in late 2014. In less than a year, the combination of her unique persona and thought-provoking original music has gained worldwide media coverage.

The truth in her music has led her to rank in the top ten R&B songs on ReverbNation, multiple news and magazine features, and her second international tour with her quirky sense of humor, a chipped purple manicure, and her beloved guitar, Monna Lisa Lucille.