Leo Xia is a singer-songwriter from USC who primarily writes about self-love, Asian-American identity and intersectionality with social issues. Since arriving at USC, he has won awards at a variety of singing and talent competitions on campus such as 1st Place at the USC ISA iVoice Competition 2013, 2nd Place at USC APASA's Got Talent 2015 and more recently 1st Place at the HKSA U852 External Singing Contest 2015, which included contestants from USC, UCI, UCSD and UCLA. Leo also has had the honor of being a guest performer for many events on and off campus including USC Springfest 2014, InspirAsian (USC SCAPE), and the Family Empowerment Festival (Advancing Justice). He writes to remind himself and his listeners that everyone has a story that deserves to be told and heard. His dream is to use his music to unify people through magnifying the experiences of the commonly overlooked and marginalized.