Inspired by the timeless elements of R&B, Pop, Electronica, and Hip-Hop, Los Angeles based music producer 'Bohkeh' creates a new sound with his personal twist of low-fi and beats on his MPD. Bohkeh compliments many of today's popular hits with his artistry of self-made tempo and tone that he uniquely ties in each and every one of his tracks, creating an unreplicable and unpredictable result of sound for any listener to discover. Ranging from mainstream to underground songs, Bohkeh's ability to remix and sample a track with his own twist of sound can universally appeal to a multitude of music lovers. Serving his love for music, Bohkeh continues to produce songs humbly from his bedroom as an ode to the overlooked details of inspiration any musical artist can gain from their lives, including ordinary background noise, that he uses as advantage for his music.