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Dim Sum 101: Introduction to the Food

Learn about some of our favorite dishes to order at dim sum with the 626 Foodettes! There are hundreds of dim sum dishes aside from these featured… We know we missed a few good ones, so let us know what favorite dishes you guys would add in the comments!

626 Night Market: Summer Garden Nights 2013
June 8th & 9th | July 6th & 7th | August 3rd & 4th
Sat: 4pm-12am, Sun: 4pm-10pm
@ Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, CA

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Special thanks:
626 Foodettes (http://626foodettes.com)
Ocean Star Restaurant
145 N Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Music: Eduard Strauss – Greetings Waltz

Shot & Edited by Aileen Xu

We are #12 on BuzzFeed’s “21 Most Awkward Situations In Which To Consume Food”



Check out BuzzFeed’s humorous list of “21 Most Awkward Situations In Which To Consume Food”. We are #12. That’s Kristie Hang of the 626 Foodettes immortalized as a GIF on the interwebs. Include any awkward food situations they missed in the comments below!

How to Eat Xiao Long Bao with 626 Foodettes

Happy Friday!  We got together with Kristie and Clarissa from 626 Foodettes to make a fun video on the different ways they eat xiao long bao.  Learn how to eat XLB the “proper” way, or get inspired to try the more “fun” ways to eat those delicious soup dumplings.  How do YOU eat xiao long bao?  Share this video with your fellow XLB lovers! Huff Post did!

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