O C  N I G H T  M A R K E T



 D I R E C T O R Y

The OC Night Market is excited to be incorporating over 200 different vendors, artists, and performers from all over Southern California. From traditional cuisine to modern fusion, clothing and accessories of all kinds, and toys and collectables, you can bet that our night market will have it. Check out our vendor list below and  in addition be sure to check out our performances and visual artist lineup. 

Please be sure to click the image of the directory below to download the full list of vendors and their menu items and merchandise. 

Image Map


S E C T I O N   A :  F O O D


Green Cube Gourmet

A4 Mingcourt
A5: Tropical Islands/Papas and Dogs
A6: Tropical Islands/Papas and Dogs
A7: Takoyaki Tanota
A10: Taste of Hometown
A11: Stoneage Restaurant
A12: Ten Ren's Tea Time
A14: Hugo Foods
A15: Craisins
A16: Waffle Land
A17: Oh Thit!
A18: Bambu
A19: Chinese & Korean BBQ
A20: O' My Buns
A21: Fire Dduk Bok Gi
A22: Da Luxe Bites
A23: Dolcissimo Bakeshop
A24: UCI Circle K
A25: Squid Roe
A26: Happy Bee
A27: CMH Tempura
A28: Popping Fish Balls
A29: Mama Musubi
A30: Swirl Treets

S E C T I O N   B :  F O O D

B31: Monster Munchie Shop
B32: Oh, Ngon!
B33: Puffect Bakery Cafe
B34: Nikuman-ya
B35: Maui Natural Ice
B36: Aunty Merry
B37: Orion's
B38: Revofusion
B39: Quickly Chinese Food
B40: South Bay Vietnamese Cultural Center
B41: XT Patisserie
B42: Wei's Scallion Pancake
B43: Hotato Potato
B44: Yummy Red Bean Cake House
B45: Polar Vortex
B46: Deli Fresh
B47: Cajun Island
B48: Bubble Waffle

S E C T I O N   C :  F O O D

C49: Ono Grill
C50: The Candy Chef
C51: Dragon Whiskers Candy
C52: Calvin's BBQ
C53:  Lotus Circles
C54: Dduk92
C55: Gottsui
C56: Tastea
C57: Yiran Grill
C58: Q Lounge
C59: Sushi Studio Arts
C60: JoJo Cakes
C61: Mattou Seimen from Japan
C62: Tokyo Curry
C63: Hotato Potato
C64: Sevan Garden Kabab House
C65: Rakken
C66: Rakken
C67: Pop'd Up
C68:  Belly Up
C69: Miniyaki
C70: Crazy for Crawfish
C71 Serenity
C72: IndoMie
C73: RAQ Lobster
C74: SR Thai BBQ
C75: StickAround/iFoods Sausage

S E C T I O N   D :  F O O D

D76: Brookies Banh Khnot
D77: A-Sha Dry Noodle
D78: Banzai Jerky
D79: Isweet
D80: Spiked
D81: Tan San BBQ
D82: Dem Sao Restaurant
D83: Umaya Ramen
D84: Frostbites Frozen Delights
D85: Indonesian Street Food
D86: A+ Tea House
D87: Velvet Rope Bake Shop
D88: GAJA Okonomi
D89: Fusion Bites
D90: Fresh Lemonade & Funnel Cake
D91: Hugo Foods
D92: V&R Thai Chinese Food
D93: MiiSTER Potato
D94: Bangkok Grill
D95: Modern Cravings - Crinkled Dog
D96: Indonesia Satay
D97: Potted Ice Cream
D98: Cold Cane Labs
D99: Q Lounge
D100: OG Ramen Burger
D101: Crunchy Boy w/ La Sriracha Macha!
D102: Potato Corner
D103: Mighty Musubi
D104: Tea Bar Starry
D105: Got Corn? #1

S E C T I O N   E:  M E R C H

E1: Forever Hearts
E2: Benection
E3: BonBliss Beauty
E4: Kickass Power
E6: Fragrance Yours
E7: Little Rain
E8: Lotus Era
E9: Face Painting-Henna Tattoo-Glitter Tattoo
E10: Blue Eagle Labs
E11: Louro
E12: Stussy Inc.
E13: Stussy Inc.
E14: Icon Union
E15: Superinflated
E16: Tegalon
E17: A3M
E18: T Square Intl, Inc.
E19: TamerciaR3M
E20: Extreme Autowerks
E21: STG Fashion
E22: Speed Mobile
E23: Sane2K Artists
E24: Ready Artwork
E25: Ninja Levels
E26: MaeMae Jewelry
E27: Bad Pickle Tees
E28: Beyond Global Corporation
E29: Beyond Global Corporation
E30: Fantastic Fam
E31: Prime International
E32: US Jaclean
E33: Vapor Devils
E34: Mikukumi
E35: Curious Creations
E36: Forest Lawn
E37: OC Weekly
E38: Generosity Gang
E40: GG Infinite
E41: Gravity L.A.
E42: LuceVino

F O O D   T R U C K S

Austyn's Burgers & Fries
Boba ni Taco
Haleiwa Shave Ice
Lobsta Truck
Luckdish Curry
Paradise Cookies & Ice Cream
Phantom Food Truck
Rice Balls of Fire
The Fluff Ice Truck
The Grilled Cheese Truck
The Mighty Boba Truck
The Slummin' Gourmet
Tokyo Doggie Style
Waffles de Liege