O C  N I G H T  M A R K E T



 D I R E C T O R Y

A03: iMomoko Beauty & Skincare
Beauty and skincare products
A04: ePandaTech
Vapor Products, E-Cig Kits, metallic iphone cases
A05: Beyond Global Corporation
Toys, Masquerade Masks, Plush Dolls
A10: Leona Inc.
Butterfly or Fairy costumes, Night light, Travel Luggage
A11: View
Shirts, sweatshirts, hats, socks
A12: A3M
Non-profit, bone marrow donor registry
A14: Munch Bakery
French Macarons
A15: Dragon Whiskers Candy
Hand-pulled stringy candy sprinkled with powdered sugar
A16: PM Macarons
A17: Velvet Rope Bakeshop
Cake Truffles, Cookies, Trifles, Cream Puffs, Pavlovas
A: 626 Games
Carnival games

B01: Milkyway
Phone cases
B02: US Jaclean
Massage chairs and small massage merchandise.
B03: Forever Hearts
Animal hats, scarves, sunglasses, hats
B04: Benection
Teddy Bear, House Hold Appliances, & Plush Dolls
B05: JJ Decals
Wall Stickers, Handbags
B06: EZ Photobooths
Power banks, cellphone accessories, logo fan
B07: Seize and Desist Clothing
Clothing, hats, watches
B08: Tigershin
Women's clothing
B11: Ambition
Hoodies, crewnecks, T-shirts, tank tops
B12: LeiHan Gift Collection
B13: Kahoy Collections
Bamboo Temple Sunglasses, Wooden optical frames
B14: 3T Herbtech Inc.
Dry eye herbal healing patches
B15: Multi-goodsco
Custom jewelry, Yot Puzzles, 3-D Van Gogh
B16: Afar USA
Neck Master, Cork Opener, I-Shaper, Massage Chair
B17: Steppie Clothing
Clothing, Tote Bags, Mugs, Phone Cases, Art Prints
B18: Bad Pickle Tees
Foodie T-shirts
B19: Gravity LA
Tees, tanks, socks
B20: Bleuberry Accessories
Cell phone covers, accessories, Mobile power banks
B21: Fantastic Fam
Graphic T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, gifts
B22: Cikee Spring
B23: T-Squared International
Fashion accessories
B24: Mea Dulcia and Friends
Lip balm, lip scrub, art prints, screen tees
B25: TamerciaR3M
Cellphone accessories, chargers, cables, power banks
B26: Ninja Levels
Ninja Levels merchandise, shirts & hoodies; forever love flowers
B27: Stussy
B28: Stussy
B29: Stussy
B: OCC Circle K Fishing Game
Fundraising for a good cause

C01: MaeMae Jewelry
Inspirational Jewelry
C02: Native Heritage 13
handmade bags, handmade jewelries, handmade hats
C03: Legacy Cards
Pins, Pokemon cards
C04: BottiVingelo
Handcrafted jewelry, costume pieces, wings, art
C05: Tee No Evil
Zombie shirts, Art prints
C06: Pretty for Peanuts
Jewelry, Bags, Sandals, Watches, Home Decor, Keychains
C07: Creatividy
T-shirts, Tanks, Sweatshirts, Snapbacks
C08: Freaky Wallets
Handmade wallets
C09: Watermelon Sparklies
Tshirt, Hair tie, headband, turbans, bows, glitter hangers, halos
C10: Chandler The Robot
Necklaces and jewelry
C11: Cansonic U.S.A
ULTRADV cameras
C12: Origami Owl
Customized jewelry, lockets, bracelets
C13: AbbyPointe
C14: Topcul Apparel
Necklaces, bracelets, earrings
C16: Nuklear Comix

D01: Miniyaki
Takoyaki, okonomiyaki, Japanese style hot dogs
D03: Ten Ren's Tea Time
Milk tea, green tea, black tea, fried popcorn chicken, beef plates
D04: W.A.R.
Waffles sliders, Drinks, dessert
D05: Serenity
Vietnamese ice coffee, chrysanthemum tea, sugar cane juice
D07: Wei's Scallion Pancakes
Taiwanese scallion pancakes, pork bun, shaved ice
D08: Blazin' Waffle
Waffle w/ chicken, shrimp, or bacon; sausage skewer; ice cream waffle
D09: The Ricebowl
Korean inspired rice bowls with veggies and meat
D10: Hugo Foods
Exploding chicken roll, pop cake, crispy chicken, Taiwanese sausage
D11: Q's Lounge
BBQ squid skewers, BBQ pork skewer, coconut, funnel cake
D12: Lynda Sandwich
Pandan waffles & desserts
D13: Fire's Grill
Hotteok, Korean Musubi, Fried Squid
D14: Indonesia Satay
Indonesian Satay, fried noodles, egg rolls, fried chicken, drinks
Twisted potato, fresh squeezed lemonade
D16: Pop'd Up
Fried mussels, popsicles, sticky rice mango, tea, drinks
D17: Mingcourt
Lamb skewers, dessert porridge, fish balls, chicken wings
D18: UCI Circle K Fundraiser
Ice cream floats, soda, bottled water
D19: 80's Flaky Scallion Pancakes
Flaky scallion pancake; detox water
D20: Lucky Ball
Korean BBQ
D21: Mama Musubi
Musubi filled with savory goodness, lychee green tea, peach lemonade
D22: Nikuman-ya
Steamed pork bun, melty cheese pork bun, salsa buns, crab fried rice
D23: Beijing Noodles
Beijing soybean noodles, fried tempura skewers, sparking tea in bags
D24: Boba's Boba
Boba drinks
D25: Cajun Shrimp
Grilled Shrimp, Squid, Sausage; Cajun garlic noodles, grilled corn
D26: Chicken Papa
Chicken cutlet, milk tea, milk tea boba
D27: Rock! Sheep
Lamb chops, lamb skewers, popcorn chicken, beef skewers, chicken skewers
D28: RAQ Lobster
Charcoal grilled lobsters
D29: Bambu
Desserts, Vietnamese drinks, fried food, skewers
D30: Wikiwiki Mex Hawaiian Fuze
Hawaiian skewers, musubi, tacos, Aguas Frescas, Kalua Pork Bowl
D31: Milk & Honey
Stinky tofu, tea, smoothies, shaved ice, cotton candy, popcorn chicken
D32: Yummy Hero
Fried jumbo squid, pork filet, grilled pork belly, grilled mochi
D34: Dolcissimo Bakeshop
French Macarons, Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich, Cookie Ice Cream Sundae
D35: Sevan Garden Kabab House
Doner Kabobs & Lamb chops, fruit water
D36: Hugo Foods
Stinky tofu, exploding chicken roll, pop cake, crispy chicken
D38: Potted Ice Cream
Potted ice cream
D40: Hotato Potato
Potato swirls with powdered flavoring

E01: Umaya Ramen
Ramen, Gyoza, Fries, Sliders, Pizza
E02: GAJA Okonomiyaki
Okonomiyaki, Fried Shrimp Tempura, Fried Squid Tempura
E03: Solid Coffee Roasters
Hot & cold coffee, churros, coffee floats
E04: Bubble Waffle
Hong Kong style Egg Waffles, Drinks
E05: Tan San BBQ
Lamb skewers, roast corn
E06: Eggporn
Egg boil in glass jar
E07: Hotato Potato
Potato swirls with powdered flavoring
E08: Chicken Shack
Chicken wings, legs, livers, gizzards, hearts, breast, thighs
E09: Oh Thit!
Grilled pork skewer, grilled filet skewer, grilled corn, grilled pork tacos
E10: Tastea
Teas, Popcorn Chicken, Fries
E11: Viva Seoul!
Cheesy kimchi fried rice balls, crispy bulgogi or pork belly quesadilla cones
E12: Blooming Onion Fried Company
Fried blooming onion, fried pickles, fried Oreos, fried mushrooms, coconut water
E13: O'Shake Noodles
Cold noodles with meat and veggie options in a bag
E14: Calvin's BBQ
BBQ beef, lamb, squids
E15: Got Corn ? #1
Roasted corn on the cob, lemonade
E16: Fusion Bites
Cali Crunch bao sliders, mac & cheese bites, brussel sprouts
E17: Wolf & Flock
Yuzu glazed bone-in lamb chop, BBQ Chicken, fried rice
E18: Belly Up
Pork Belly Rice Burger, Spicy Pork Rice Burger, Fries
E19: Manichi Ramen
Shiromaru tonkotsu shibori ramen, gyoza
E20: Cherry Bubble
Fruit & mixed berry w/ lemonade, shaved ice, fresh fruit, fried mushrooms
E21: Squid Roe
Deep fried squid on a stick w/ flavoring
E22: LotZA Tots
Tots w/ uni cream, truffle oil, grilled onions; tot burrito, lemonade
E23: Crasians
Asian fusion, Kalbi/pulled pork/chicken taco buns, burgers
E24: Royal Eats
Korean tacos, rice bowls
E25: Simpang Asia
Indonesian satay, snacks, Laksa, whole coconut, boba
E26: Lee's Taiwanese Food
Snow ice, fresh fruit smoothie, teriyaki chicken koah-pau
E27: Indomie
Instant noodles with egg and vegetables
E28: V&R Thai Chinese Food
BBQ chicken & beef, chow mein, fried rice, lobster ball

F01: Sushi Studio Arts
Poke, sushi handroll, ahi tuna sliders
F02: Ice Cream Garden LA
Potted Plant Ice Cream; Ice Cream Floats; Mexican Candies
F03: The Taste of Brazil
Chicken drumstick, pork ribs, cheesebread, Tri-tip sandwich
F04: Honey Badger
Noodles, popstickles, tea, soy frappe, Java chip mocha
F05: Waffle Land
HK Waffles, curry fish ball, watermelon juice, lemon tea
F06: JH Foods
BBQ beef tendon, cold tofu skin noodles, BBQ pig foot, BBQ skewers
F07: Spiked
Fresh juice, lemonade (raspberry or watermelon mint) in mason jars
F08: Swirl Treats
Tornado potatoes and fresh squeezed lemonade
F09: Kobi-Ahi
Kobe Blend Beef Sliders, Ahi Tacos
F10: Kien Thanh Bakery
Sugar Canes, Chicken organ skewers, veggie skewers, ginger tofu soup
F11: Hawaii's Donuts
Malasadas (donuts) regular or cream filled, whole coconuts with straw
Soft Serve Ice Cream and Churros
F13: A-sha Dry Noodles
Dry noodle dishes with toppings
F14: Tasty Rainbow Dumplings
Green tea, Ice tea, Ice coffee, Dumplings
F15: Rakken
Pho tacos, pork belly tacos, skewers, lemonade
F16: Modern Cravings
Crinkled waffle dogs, Crinkled Chips, Strawberry and Lychee Jasmine
F18: The Juicery
Iced tea, Arnold Palmer, Citrus Cooler, juice, lemonade
F21: Matcha Mochi
Frozen yogurt with mochi & toppings, mochi waffles, ice tea
F22: Takoyaki Tanota
F23: Bangkok Grill
Pad thai, pad see eew, fried rice, BBQ pork, BBQ chicken, Thai ice tea
F24: Cafe Lu
Coffee, photo booth
F25: Popping Fish Balls
Popping fish balls, udon with fish balls, gua bao, BBQ meat
F26: Ramen Burger
Ramen burger
F28: Main Squeeze

Food Truck: Belly Bombz
Korean Inspired wings & sliders
Food Truck: Boba ni Taco
Tacos, rice & chow mein bowls, sliders, boba
Food Truck: Chunk-n-Chip
Craft ice cream sandwiches
Food Truck: Lobsta Truck
Lobster rolls, crab rolls, lobster bisque & more
Food Truck: Paradise Cookies & Ice Cream
Fresh baked cookies, homemade ice cream
Food Truck: Phantom Food Truck
Pork belly, duck, steak on burgers, tacos, fries
Food Truck: Samurai Burrito
Samurai nachos, burritos, poke, bowls
Food Truck: The Fluff Ice Truck
Fluff ice, frosted milk, boba beverages
Food Truck: The Might Boba Truck
Teas, boba, Taiwanese street food
Food Truck: Tokyo Doggie Style
Japanese style fusion hot dogs, rice balls, fries
Food Truck: Waffles de Liege
Waffles and ice cream
Kiosk: Chilly Ribbons
Shaved snow